Property in Bulgaria from the developer
Center of Varna and Golden Sands (12 km from Varna)




Office building in the center of Varna

A-class apartments in Golden Sands. For year-round living.

  ■ Monolithic frame building.
■ Walls: red brick + heat insulation.
■ The total area is 1400 sq. m.
■ Commissioned, used, there are tenants.
■ 7 levels:
underground parking (about 300 sq. m.),
Suter (ground floor),
pit (0 floor)
+ 4 floors.
■ Cooling, heating - invertor conditioners and partially heated floors..
■ City sewer.

1 960 000 €, bargaining is appropriate


■ Monolithic frame building.
■ Walls - red brick + heat insulation.
■ 7 levels: underground parking, ground floor (0 floor) + 5 floors.
■ Elevators.
■ Parterre: hall, conference room, swimming pool, sauna, massage, fitness, game room (table tennis), laundry, technical rooms.
■ Good sound insulation, high-quality finishing materials.
■ Solarium on the roof.
■ Independent thermal unit for centralized hot water supply and pool heating, equipped with a heat pump, working in tandem with solar panels.
■ Decoration, furniture.
■ All apartments are equiped with inverter air conditioners "Daikin".

1300 ... 1500 € / sq.m., Depending on the interior decoration, the view from the windows, etc.

Currently, free apartments (about 15 units) are rented as an apartment hotel:

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  Why Bulgaria?

Some people from the CIS and Europe call Bulgaria "alternate aerodrome". For many of them, it becomes essential, both for life and for business.

Bulgaria is a comfortable country. Good climate, high level of safety. Low cost. Locals are good to foreigners.

It's comfortable to do business in Bulgaria. Stable rules of the game. Stable economy.

Why so cheap?

In Bulgaria, you pay in fact for the goods, not for prestige. That is why A-class apartments 500 meters from the Black Sea, in a complex with a swimming pool, fitness center, round-the-clock security and other essential attributes of high-end housing, are often twice cheaper than the usual 1-2 bedroom apartments in Moscow. And 3-9 times cheaper than a small studio in New York, in Manhattan.

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