A-class apartments in Golden Sands






Currently, free apartments (about 15 units) are rented as an apartment hotel:

■ Apartments for year-round use.

The concept speaks for itself. Royal Beach Plaza is chosen by those people who visit or live in Varna regularly. The complex is provided year-round care. By this, such complexes differ from seasonal holiday housing, which is preserved for the winter.

■ Monolithic frame building.
■ Walls - red brick + heat insulation.
■ 7 levels: underground parking, ground floor (0 floor) + 5 floors.
■ Elevators.
■ Parterre: hall, conference room, swimming pool, sauna, massage, fitness, game room (table tennis), laundry, technical rooms.
■ Good sound insulation, high-quality finishing materials.
■ Solarium on the roof.
■ Independent thermal unit for centralized hot water supply and pool heating, equipped with a heat pump, working in tandem with solar panels.
■ Decoration, furniture.
■ All apartments are equiped with inverter air conditioners "Daikin".

1300 ... 1500 € / sq.m., Depending on the interior decoration, the view from the windows, etc.











Royal Beach Plaza is a year-round residential complex with 35 premium class apartments. It has been built using advanced technologies. The place of location − resort area of the city of Varna.

The complex is located in the natural park “Golden Sands”, majestically towering over the Riviera Holiday club. From Royal Beach Plaza to the sea − 500 meters of direct visibility.

  Parameters of Royal Beach Plaza

1. Structure − monolithic frame. Filling the walls − ceramic (red) brick.
■ Facade finish − natural stone “travertine”
■ Finishing of internal common parts: hall, staircases − natural granite.
■ During construction, a new type of waterproofing with a high coefficient of linear expansion was applied (it does not crack in the cold and does not melt in the heat), as well as high-class insulation.
  2. For heating the building, Carnot cycle heat pumps and solar panels are used. There are no analogs of such solution in residential buildings in Varna.

■ This technological solution allows you to spend three times less electricity to obtain a certain amount of thermal energy, compared with traditional heating schemes. The result - less operating costs for electricity. Another advantage of this solution is centralized hot water throughout the building.
  3. In each apartment the inverter air conditioners “Daikin” are installed: for cooling and for heating.  
  4. Outdoor and indoor parking.  
  5. On the roof of the building is an open solarium with a magnificent sea view. There are shower and toilet.  
  6. The complex has a year-round indoor swimming pool with heated water (+ 28 ºС), sauna, gym, massage room, billiards, table tennis and a hall for events and celebrations.  
  7. The territory has video surveillance, a guard is on duty around the clock in the residential complex.  
  9. Delivery to the beach of Riviera Holiday club with electric car.  
  Currently, free apartments (about 15 units) are rented as an apartment hotel:
  Reasons for choosing a location + Google Map (below)

In accordance with local laws, no more new buildings will be built in Golden Sands National Park. It eliminates the possibility that a new building constructing will appear in front of your windows after some time.

Royal Beach Plaza is located not far from highways, and at the same time – in a quiet place.

3. Royal Beach Plaza is located at some distance from the beach. This means two significant benefits:
■ the complex is not exposed to increased moisture from the sea;
■ the residents of Royal Beach Plaza are disturbed by noise, which is generated by the vacationers at the beach.

Some distances

■ the distance to the world famous resort “Golden Sands” is less than a kilometer
■ to the center of Varna – 13 km
■ to Varna Airport – 22 km

The resort complex Riviera, located near the Royal Beach Plaza, and the natural park "Golden Sands" are considered the elite place. It’s for a reason. This place has unique options. Previously, the rest house of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party was located here. As you know, the leaders of the Communist Party had always chosen the best for themselves.

  Photos of apartments  
  Layout of floors and apartments  
  Important nuance

Bulgarian legislation calculates the area of the property as follows. The area of the apartment for pricing, taxation and entry into the notarial deed (the main document of title) includes:

■ directly the area of all rooms of the apartment, including the area of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, corridors, etc. ;
■ the area occupied by the internal partitions and half the thickness of the external walls of the apartment;
■ part of the total area of the building, including halls, staircases and marches, the area occupied by elevator shafts, etc.

It's called the total area.

In the case of Royal Beach Plaza, only part of the floor is included in the total area, not all common areas.

The area of the apartment itself with all the rooms (bathrooms, kitchen, terrace, etc.) is called the usable or living area. Because of this, the area of similar apartments, which are, for example, one above the other, may differ slightly.

This situation applies to all apartments for sale in Bulgaria. For this reason, in the description of objects it's often indicated not useful, but the total area. This trick allows you to show a lower price per square meter.
  Numbers of floors and apartments, layout  
1-1 / 2-9 / 3-17 / 4-25
1-2 / 2-10 / 3-18
1-3 / 2-11 / 3-19
1-4 / 2-12 / 3-20 / 4-27
1-5 / 2-13 / 3-21 / 4-28
1-6 / 2-14 / 3-22 / 4-29
1-7 / 2-15 / 3-23 / 4-30
1-8 / 2-16 / 3-24 / 4-31
  Status: free / sold, area, view from the window  

About Bulgarian Property

If we simplistic divide the housing offered in Bulgaria into three classes (economy, medium and premium or A-class), we get the following situation.

Economy class

The most affordable housing. Low price is achieved by high building density. From the area allocated for development, the maximum possible is allocated for apartments. The accompanying infrastructure, heat and noise insulation is available in the minimum required volume. If you want to subsequently change to a higher level of housing, economy class housing sometimes is difficult to sell, especially – for profitable price. The reason – there are a lot of offers at the market..

Middle class

Better construction. More space is allocated for additional infrastructure. According to Bulgarian laws, in new projects parking places for cars should be provided. The price for parking place can be 6–15 thousand euros, depending on the project and location..

A-class (premium)

Royal Beach Plaza belongs to this class. The most insured against the depreciation of the class of real estate. The price is due not only to the location and layout, but also the quality of construction. From the area allocated for development, a substantial part of it is allocated for infrastructure to create comfortable living conditions.

Important nuance

In the case of Royal Beach Plaza, a very substantial area is allocated for additional infrastructure (swimming pool, sauna, outdoor solarium, etc.). But this area is not included in the total area of the apartments, and does not increase their value. In addition, each apartment has a parking place.

Purchase. Nuances of the Law

Foreigners may buy any property in Bulgaria, but they do not have the right to acquire ownership over land. To buy the land one has to register a company in Bulgaria.

A buyer usually binds the bargain in amount of 10-15% of the total price to reserve an apartment and enters into a preliminary agreement before a notary or without him.

A period of processing of the title documents is an average of 3-6 weeks. After the final payment the notarial act is to be signed and property is to be made over to a buyer. A notary verifies financial responsibilities of parties, clean title etc.

The notarial act is given the next day after its signature. A state duty and a notarial fee amount to 4% of the total contract value. VAT is 20%. After the completion of the contract the buyer has to declare the property in the internal revenue service.

Facility management. Taxes

Once a year a property owner pays a property tax in amount of 0.15% of the appraised value. Another tax is a tax on removal of domestic waste, which is also about 0.15%. The amount of the tax is the same for individuals and legal entities. There is no rent, but there is a payment for the facility management. Charges for water and electricity are based upon meter size.




0,12 per kWh  


1,32  per m3

Internet + Telephone

15  per month

Payment for facility management in Royal Beach Plaza

1,5  per m2 once a month

In Royal Beach Plaza the payment for the facility management is charged according to the apartment total area (see Floor plan and Prices-Table). This price includes a full infrastructure service, which includes:
■ cleaning of common area of the building and surrounding area;
■ illumination of the common area;
■ security, videomonitoring;
■ sauna and swimming pool maintenance, etc.

Residence permit

It is not difficult to get a residence permit in Bulgaria. There are additional allowances for retirees. The ownership of property is one of the reasons for getting the residence permit. There are two types of residence permits - permanent and temporary (long-term).

The temporary residence permit costs €500 per year. After five years of the temporary residence permit one can obtain the permanent residence permit for free. After five years of permanent residence permit one can apply for Bulgarian citizenship. Members of the family of the Bulgarian citizen that do not have Bulgarian citizenship have the right to visit the countries of the European Union without visas.


EU nationals are allowed to stay in Bulgaria without registration for up to 90 days. Foreign nationals who have property in Bulgaria are allowed to stay for up to 180 days.

Citizens of non-EU countries can obtain one year multiple entry visas (90-180 days of stay) that cost about €150-200. Prices and conditions differ depending on the country of issue. Tourist visa for 30-60 days with two entries costs about €30-35. A room in a good hotel costs €15-50 per person depending on a season. For example a room in a three star hotel in Golden Sands area costs €25-30 per person per day in August.

Necessary telephone numbers in Varna

Emergency calls, information

Fire emergency


Emergency medical service



166, 615-166

SOD (Police)

614-330, 614- 332

КАТ - auto accidents

502 -550

Beach rescue


Civil protection


Telephone breakage


Water supply and sewage

510-203, 445- 817

Power supply


Varna informational service


Telephone informational service from abroad


Bus station - information


Airport - information

573-323, 573-433

Railway Bureau



Astra taxi


Mercedes taxi


Karet freight service



Varna: 052

Primorsko: 05561

Byala :0817

Obzor: 05504

Dobrich: 058

Sozopol: 05514

Kranevo: 05722

Nesebar : 0554

Sofia: 02

Pomorie: 0596

  About Varna

Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria with a population of about 360 000 (according to the population census in 2010). But in real terms about 600 000 people live in the city and its neighborhood. About 20 000 people who live in Varna came from the former USSR.

Varna is the largest seaport of Bulgaria. It has ferry connections with Odessa, Port Kavkaz, Poti, Batumi and Istanbul. Varna is also an important transportation hub and a significant financial and cultural center of the country.

Varna has a subtropical climate. An average temperature in January is +2°С, in July – +23°С. The average year temperature is +13°С. The average water temperature in January is +8°С, in July – +25°С. The average precipitation is 471mm with its maximum in June and November and its minimum in February. It snows only a few times a year.
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